Classroom Management Plan

My classroom management plan contains four categories:  Expectations, Purpose for Learning, Organization, and Behavior Management.  I believe a successful year of teaching comes from maintaining a strong classroom managment system.  I spend the first three to four weeks of school modeling and practicing my expectations, routines, and procedures.  Under each category, I have identified elements that I plan on implementing in my classroom. 


Miss Kattoula expects a respect for learning. 

Miss Kattoula’s class will have:

Respect, responsibility, rules, rewards, rapport,

Effort, encouragement,

Self-motivation, solutions, sociability,  safety, smiles,

Participation, positivity, politeness, privileges, praise, procedures,

Excitement, enthusiasm,

Cooperation, creativity, confidence, commitment to learning, consequences,

Tolerance and trust. 


o       Student-centered classroom

o       Provide feedback and praise

o       Opportunities for exploration

o       Use multiple intelligences

o       Create a sense of belonging

o       Challenge students

o       Monitor teaching strategies

o       Display student work

o       Student Portfolios                                                 


 o       Class schedule

 o       Student assignment notebooks and  class jobs

o       Attention getter- Give me 5

o       Label supplies and subject centers

o       Establish groups and room arrangement

o       Consistent routines and procedures

o       Bell work

o       Homework bins and student mailboxes

o       Parent volunteers, newsletter, and Friday folders    

This was my classroom set-up.  My desks are arranged for students to be in teams of four. 

It worked very nicely.  For independent work students were able to have privacy boards.

My classroom is set up for group work.


o       Efforts are positive and pro-active

o       Develop a classroom community

o       Class constitution

o       Positive reinforcement

o       Immediate consequences

o       Warning system

o       Weekly class meetings

o       Caught being good

o       Self-evaluations

o       Star system: