Reading Workshop

Reading Workshop (50 min)

There are four components in my classroom that takes literacy to a whole new level including reading logs, literacy bingo, mystery reader, and accelerated reader.  Along with these four components, I incorporate a 50 minute daily reading workshop.

Data Chart Center:  This is where I post students' reading logs, literacy bingo, and accelerated reading.


Reading Logs-                                                                                                                                                                                        Each week students are assigned to read at least 120 minutes a week or about 18-20 minutes per day at home and record it on their reading logs.  Students document the book title, pages read, and minutes read.  This is then posted in the data chart center.  The reading log is due every Friday. 

Literacy Bingo-

Each quarter students are given a Literacy Bingo sheet with a different genre in each bingo square.  Students must complete one bingo by the end of each quarter. With those 5 books, they must complete 4 book reports and one Bingo presentation with a visual aid project.

Mystery Reader

Every other Friday I have a Mystery Reader. I encouage parents to sign up for a day to come and read to the class.  I even tell them that siblings or even grandparents are welcome as well.  Parents sign up with me and choose a book.  They leave me with 5 clues about themselves and during the week I post one clue a day until Friday.   I believe this helps get the students excited about reading and brings parents into the classroom.

Accelerated Reader-

Students are to complete 6 AR books (at their level) and quizzes per semester.  Students may choose to use Bingo and AR books synonymously. Like the reading logs, this is kept track of in my data chart center where students can see how well they do on AR quizzes.  Students can take quizzes when they are not meeting in their guided reading groups.

Reading Workshop consists of 3 components including mini-lessons, guided reading, and independent reading.

Mini- Lessons (10-15 min.)

Students are taught strategies that help them become better readers.

Mini reading lessons taught:

Connections- text to text, text to world, text to self

Story elements

Non-fiction elements





Point of View

Author’s purpose

Reading with expression

Guided Reading and/or Individualized Reading (35-40 min)

During guided reading a group of students are meeting with the teacher while others are individually reading.   Students are either reading silently, writing about what they are reading in their Reader Response Journal (RRJ), whisper discussing what they are reading with a reading partner or taking an AR quiz.  Students are given assignments in their guided reading groups pertaining to their own books and mini-lessons taught and are to do those assignments in their Reader Response Journal (RRJ).

Sample Guide Reading Schedule-

Here is a sample schedule from my student teaching:

Guided group (1) (mon/wed/Fri)  Marvin Red Post (Low)

Guided group (2) (mon/wed/Fri)  Maniac Magee (Low)

Guided group (3) (tues/thurs) Stargirl  (Medium 1)

Guided group (4) (tues/thurs) Frindle  (Medium 2)

Guided group (5) (Fri) (Literature circle) Walk Two Moons (High)