Reading Lesson

Lesson Title:  Snails  

Grade: 4th 

Subject: Reading 

OBJECTIVE: Students will use the during reading strategy of asking questions to take two column notes. 

GENERAL GOAL:  As part of the unit in reading informational text students will understand during reading strategies using two column notes and forming questions. 

GLCE:R.MT.04.02 plan, monitor, regulate, and evaluate skills, strategies, and processes to construct and convey meaning (e.g., decoding unknown words) and use graphic organizers to deepen their understanding of compare/contrast, and sequential organizational patterns. 


PREREQUISITE STUDENT SKILLS IN THIS AREA:Students are expected to know how to take notes on a graphic organizer, look for main ideas, selective highlight, and be able to form questions.   


Lesson Description: In this lesson students will read an informational text about snails.  Students will learn how to take the information in the text and take notes on what they read, learned, and comprehended from the text.


Materials needed for this lesson: overhead, 3-4 sheets of paper per student, markers, Where the Waves Break: Life at the Edge of the Sea by Anita Malnig copies for the class,


Anticipatory Set: Ask students if they have ever seen a snail.  What did it look like, what did it feel like?

   LESSON PROCEDURE: 1.      Have students turn to page 10.  Tell students as I am reading out loud to think about these questions what is the main idea, what are the key concepts, and what are some vocabulary words that you notice and what do they mean.   2.      Pass out the during reading questions bookmark.  Discuss the questions that they should be asking themselves as they are reading. 3.      Hand out three sheets of paper.  Tell them to fold them in half the hot dog way.   4.      Tell students now as I read I will take notes to enhance my comprehension of what I am reading.  At the top of your paper write the subject or title of what we are reading about. Snails. The left hand column will be labeled Questions/Vocabulary and the right hand side Answers.  4.  As I am reading I will model how to take two column notes.  Model this with pages 10-12. Ask students what is the main idea, what are the key concepts and what are some vocabulary words? Stop after each paragraph summarize and ask students to generate questions and identify key information. 5.      Students will do two column notes for page 13 independently. Tell students they should come up with at least three questions on their own. 10 min. 6.      Have students compare their notes with their partner's notes. 3 min. 

LESSON CLOSURE:  Students will share with the whole group what their questions were.  Tomorrow we will learn the difference between a thick and thin question.  

ASSESSMENT OF THIS LESSON: Students will turn in their two column notes for a grade. Did students come up with questions and answers that supported the text? Did students identify key elements and main ideas?  Did students identify key vocabulary words?